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15 January 2020'All the Lonely People' - The Work of the American Realist Edward Hopper
19 February 2020Dickens, Lawrence and Dr Zhivago – David Leans Art of Cinema
18 March 2020'From Downtown to Gatsby. Jewellery and Fashion 1890 - 1929"
15 April 2020Raphael: Genius of the Renaissance in Rome (cf. 500th Anniversary of his death)
20 May 2020James Gillray: "A Caterpillar on the Green Leaf of Reputation". British Caricaturist and Printmaker
17 June 2020Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869 -1944) 150th Anniversary of his birth
08 July 2020AGM followed by: Field of Cloth of Gold: 6,000 Englishmen in France for 18 days - how did they do it? (500th Anniversary of the Event)
18 November 2020THE BORGIAS: The Most Infamous Family in History

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'All the Lonely People' - The Work of the American Realist Edward Hopper Stella Grace Lyons Wednesday 15 January 2020

Hopper was a painter of loneliness and melancholy; from solitary figures in offices, motel rooms and diners, to deserted towns. He portrayed a changing America and the isolation of the individual in the modern city. His works are visually stunning; characterised by striking colours, cinematic and cropped compositions which heighten tension. Flooded with light, his paintings expose detached figures and create a mood of eerie uneasiness. This talk considers some of his most arresting works, including ‘The Nighthawks’, ‘Gas’ and ‘Automat’.