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21 November 2018Tales of a Mysterious Land: Landscapes, Legends & Archaeology of Ethiopia
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10 July 2019Punch & Judy +AGM

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Tales of a Mysterious Land: Landscapes, Legends & Archaeology of Ethiopia Louise Schofield Wednesday 21 November 2018

Ethiopia is a mysterious and beautiful country steeped in history and legend. Its wonderful people, indomitable of spirit despite their many hardships, live a life that is truly biblical and timeless.  Around them are breath-taking landscapes – rugged mountain ranges, beautiful valleys and extraordinary deserts alive with active volcanoes – inhabited by demons and spirits of local legend. Their ancient history too is populated with evocative names – the Queen of Sheba once ruled over large stretches of the north of the country. The Axumite kingdom that succeeded hers introduced Christianity in the 4th century AD and has left a living legacy in the myriad of colourfully frescoed rock-hewn churches nestling in secret corners of the highlands.

Louise Schofield has been working in Ethiopia since 2006, living for much of the year in a small tent in a village in the north-eastern province of Tigray. This lecture looks at the art, archaeology, legends and landscapes of Ethiopia and recounts some of the adventures Louise has met along the way during her time in the country.