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17 October 2018Michael Harris: Mdina Glass & I.O.W. Studio Glass
19 September 2018Edward Seago - Landscape Perfectionist & Royal Favourite
11 July 2018"A Touch of the Sun" will take place after the AGM 2018
20 June 2018To the far side of the world: Captain James Cook & the Enlightenment
16 May 2018As Good as Gold – a special lecture in celebration of NADFAS’s golden anniversary
18 April 2018Tintoretto & the Scuola di San Rocco
21 March 2018Edward Bawden: Artist and Adventurer
21 February 2018Clara, rhino superstar and wonder of the Grand Tour!
17 January 2018George Nathaniel Curzon and his Country Houses
13 December 2017Father Frost & Old New Year: Christmas Traditions in Russia
15 November 2017Buried Treasures: spectacular hoards of Late Roman silver
18 October 2017The Queen of Instruments: The Lute within Old Master Paintings
20 September 2017The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert: Muse to Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec +
12 July 2017The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
21 June 2017Gender and the Body - Kept Behind the Curtains: The Story of the Nude
17 May 2017Image and History: Art at the Lansdowne Club
19 April 2017Painters in Paradise: Visions of French Indochina
15 March 2017The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Faberge - after the Revolution
15 February 2017Modern Italian Gardens: La Mortella
18 January 2017Influences in Photography
14 December 2016"Glad Tidings" - the story of the Annunciation
16 November 2016Prague "The City of the Winter Queen"
19 October 2016Wassily Kandinsky
21 September 2016The Day Parliament Burned Down
13 July 2016AGM. Gone in a Flash? A history of firework displays from the Renaissance to the age of electricity
15 June 2016King George IV. The Greatest Royal Collector of Art
18 May 2016Henry Moore - England's Greatest Sculptor
20 April 2016Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Ashmolean Museum
16 March 2016Women Artists, Suzanne Valadon 1865-1938 & Leonora Carrington 1917-2011
17 February 2016Embroidered with Woodbine & Eglantine: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings
20 January 2016Vivaldi in Venice
09 December 2015Turkey to Trifle - Festive Food and Customs of the Georgians and Victorians
18 November 2015"Paint Brushes at Dawn", Great Art World Feuds, Disputes and Rows
21 October 2015The Founders and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
16 September 2015The Art of Waterloo
08 July 2015AGM 10.15am start Life and Times of the Sundial A Perspective on Civilisation's Most Enduring Timekeeper
17 June 2015Machu Picchu - The Great Citadel of the Incas: Beauty and Mystery
20 May 2015Art and Photography of the American Civil War
15 April 2015Iconography: The Hidden Stories in Art
18 March 2015Pugin and the Gothic Revival
18 February 2015Cut to Dazzle: The Rise of English Cut Lead Crystal 1674-1830
21 January 2015Ante-rooms of Heaven? Art in Medieval Hospitals
10 December 2014Samuel Foote: One-legged Comedy Superstar of the 18th Century Stage - Art and the Birth of British Comedy
19 November 2014Siena, City of the Virgin
15 October 2014A Kind of Magick: The Art of Thomas Gainsborough
17 September 2014Who says? Can We Trust the Experts on Good and Bad in Art?
09 July 2014Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
18 June 2014The Life-enhancing Garden: Art appreciation in the design of gardens
21 May 2014The Lamp of Memory: Ruskin and Architecture
16 April 2014On Either Side of No Man's Land: British and German Artists of the 1914-1918 War
19 March 2014Hogarth: He Smiled that Men Might learn to Laugh at their Own Follies
19 February 2014The Elgin Marbles: A History of Meaning
15 January 2014El Greco and Toledo Painter, Sculptor and Architect
11 December 2013The History of Stained Glass seen through the Christmas Story
20 November 2013Canaletto and the Grand Tour
16 October 2013The Lost Language: An Exploration of Symbolism in the Antique Weavings of the Persian and Central Asian Nomadic Tribes
18 September 2013How to look at Art
10 July 2013Imperial Purple to Denim Blue: The Colourful History of Textiles
19 June 2013Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman frontier in Britain
15 May 2013Clash of the Titans; Michelangelo and his rivals
17 April 2013Peru: Machu Picchu - The Great Citadel of the Inca
20 March 2013Is it Art?
20 February 2013Wedgwood: Catherine the Great and the Frog Service
16 January 2013Murder and Modernism: Walter Richard Sickert and the Camden Town Group
12 December 2012Three Wise Men: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
21 November 2012Fay Godwin: Landscape Photographer

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Michael Harris: Mdina Glass & I.O.W. Studio Glass Mark Hill Wednesday 17 October 2018

Michael Harris was one of the innovators of the international studio glass movement and transformed 20th century glass and its creation. His pioneering work at Mdina Glass on Malta and, later, at Isle of Wight Studio Glass is examined, including influences, production techniques, major ranges and the heritage he left behind.