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Chairman's Autumn Newsletter 2018
Thursday 20 December 2018

The Arts Society Basingstoke  
Christmas Newsletter December 2018
Dear Member,
It seems extraordinary that we are already approaching Christmas; the year has flown past!
We have once again, enjoyed many interesting lectures and the society continues to thrive, thanks to the hard work of our committee.  Our membership has increased, and we have been able to reduce the waiting list.
Study Days
There have been two Study Days in 2018: the one on February 28thwas entitled, “Reading Pictures: Colour and Visual Illustrations”; this was entertaining and on an unusual subject: November’s was on “The Anatomy of Antiques, Great Collectors through History,” with Road Show regular Marc Allum, who recounted many stories relating to his experiences on the programme and I think we all enjoyed it. Our next Study Day is with Lucia Gahlin on, “The Art of Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh and the Gods,” which sounds fascinating.
We visited Tate Britain to see, “Impressionists in London, French Artists in Exile 1870 -1904” - a good exhibition with an excellent lecture beforehand.
A highlight for some of us was the holiday to St Petersburg.  The palaces and museums are truly stunning, and they were looking their glorious best with the brilliant sun, blue skies and a blanket of snow.
In May, a group visited Tate Modern to see, “Picasso 1932: Love Fame and Tragedy,” again a very successful visit.
The summer ended with a trip to Houghton Lodge, on a lovely sunny day; an attractive and unusual house surrounded by gardens, which members enjoyed exploring after the tour of the house.
Several of us were treated to a wonderful exhibition, of artworks by Edward Burne-Jones, at Tate Britain.  Many of the beautiful, romantic paintings are well known, but what most of us did not know was that he had designed some stunning tapestries as well.
Jane is working on a holiday to Northumberland in September, more details will be available in January.

  1. Church recording

Pamela Darker is pleased to report that the Church Record of St Leonard’s Church has been approved and will be printed early in 2019. This has been a long and meticulous process and I would like to congratulate Pamela and her team on their hard work.

  1. Trails of Discovery

The Trail of Discovery for St Nicholas’ Church, Newnham, has been placed in the Church and a presentation to the congregation there about The Arts Society and its Trails is planned.The Trail of Discovery for St Leonard’s Church, Sherfield-on-Loddon, is nearing completion and will be presented to the Church early in 2019.Many thanks to John Craze and his team.

  1. Heritage Volunteers

Our volunteers, Maureen Ashworth and Therese David are still working with the silver at the Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum. They are constantly amazed by the magnificence of the tea and coffee services, contrasting with tiny objects such as a small letter opener. They find the messages of friendship, loyalty and bravery that accompany these objects very moving. 

  1. Young Arts

Teresa Hook, Young Arts, has been busy. Three art and craft days at Hobbycraft gave children a chance to spend a happy morning creating various pieces of work, including painted stones.  In August, workshops were oversubscribed for a chance to make a model of Peter Rabbit at the Discovery Centre.  Over October half term through our sponsorship, a further group spent time with Junk Jodie creating a tree from rubbish, at the Popley Fields Community Centre. The children really enjoyed all three days and there are photos on the website of these activities.
I have been anxious to encourage the membership to vote after lectures.  This feedback is important for several reasons.  The quality of the lecturers is key.  The Arts Society monitor this all the time by means of the ratings and comments sent in by all societies after every lecture nationally.  In addition, at Area level, feedback forms and comments are exchanged regularly.  If a lecturer is found to be getting poor feedback he/she can be helped to improve the quality of content and delivery, or could be dropped from the Directory. Voting is easy on our website, you can do it on your smart phone or computer and the password is loddon, all lower case.
I wonder if you have seen an interesting article in the Autumn magazine? It is entitled One Precious Ring and is about a fourth century ring, engraved with a curse, which is in the collection at the Vyne.  There is some curious history surrounding this ring; J.R.R. Tolkien was asked to comment on it as an expert on Anglo Saxon history, including its connection to a mine, fabled to have been dug by dwarves. A few days later he began to write his famous books.  The ring is not currently on display, but it is hoped that it will be soon.
Meeting Protocol
Please remember to:

  • Sign in on arrival
  • Be seated by 10.40
  • Turn mobile phones off
  • Sit near the door at the right-hand side of the hall if you need to leave early. Please do not use a Fire exit.
  • Park considerately (there are parking diagrams on the website or ask a committee member for a copy).

May I also remind you to keep the Membership Secretary, Mrs Gill Jones, updated with your email address.  It is also a good idea to enter the address into your email address book.
Finally, I would like to thank the committee for their help over the year and thanks to all of you for your continued friendship and support of our society.  A very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas to you all. I look forward to seeing you at our future lectures.
Best Wishes
Julia Townsend-Rose
Chairman, The Arts Society Basingstoke