27 February 2019Study Day Review: The Art of Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh and the Gods
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Study Day Review: The Art of Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh and the Gods
Wednesday 27 February 2019


Lucia covered topics such as the architecture of ancient Egyptian temples, temple ritual, amulets, temple reliefs, painted tomb scenes, papyrus rolls, and their association with magic and religion.  She spoke of the representations of pharaohs, pharaoh as a god, mythology and belief in the afterlife together with its associated rituals.  We saw many wonderful slides covering myriad examples of these topics, and how Ancient Egyptians expressed their beliefs in art on the walls of the tombs.  

Read some of the Study day feedback below.

'Knowledgeable lecturer. Passionate about the subject. Approached complexities with clarity and had no trouble answering broader questions. 3 hours went quickly. Fascinating.'

'A very interesting and informative day's insight into a very complex and fascinating world. A well constructed and logical package enabling an introductory glimpse into what made the Egyptians 'tick'. Some wonderful and beautiful images and a very polished delivery by a very nice lady!'