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27 February 2019The Art of Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh and the Gods
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28 February 2018Reading Pictures, Colour and Visual Illusions. Are you Visually Literate?
29 November 2017Art Nouveau: Architecture and Design
22 February 2017Art and Design of World War 1
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24 February 2016Can-Can to Soup Can The Story of Modern Art - Paris 1850 - New York 1950
25 November 2015Silver & Social Custom
25 February 2015Russian and Soviet Art
26 November 2014New Face of an Old Friend
26 February 2014CHINAMANIA - British Ceramics 1800 - 1924
27 November 2013QUEEN OF SHEBA - Empress or Enigma?
30 October 2013"Away Day" Study Day Hampshire Records Office, Winchester
27 February 2013Theatrical personalities of the 20th Century
28 November 2012New York, New York

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The Art of Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh and the Gods Lucia Gahlin Wednesday 27 February 2019

The Ancient Egyptians have left us a wealth of exquisite art, an intriguing array of mysterious iconography.  But what do all these signs and symbols mean?  And what can they tell us about Pharaoh, gods, goddesses and the Afterlife?  In this study day, we shall explore temple reliefs, painted tomb scenes, papyrus rolls, protective amulets and much more, to develop our understanding of the Ancient Egyptians, their ideology of kingship and their complex religion.

 Lecture 1: Gods and Goddesses:  Ancient Egyptian religion

This lecture will cover representations of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses; the architecture of ancient Egyptian temples; temple ritual; amulets and motifs on objects associated with magic and private religion.

Lecture 2: The Pharaoh: Ancient Egyptian kingship

We will look at the representations of ancient Egyptian pharaohs; the idea of the pharaoh as a god, and the mythology of ancient Egyptian kingship.

Lecture 3:  ‘The Otherworld’: Ancient Egyptian funerary beliefs

In this lecture, Lucia will cover ancient Egyptian funerary beliefs, including their belief that death was a rebirth into an Afterlife, as expressed in the art on the walls of their tombs and in scenes accompanying spells in the Book of the Dead on papyrus.