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08 November 2018Visit to: Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition Tate Britain
24 April 2019Fishbourne Roman Palace and Pallant House Gallery Chichester
13 May 2019Art Treasures of Northern Italy. ALL SOLD
05 June 2019Parham House

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Visit to: Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition Tate Britain
Thursday 08 November 2018

Visit to: Tate Britain to see the Edward Burne-Jones exhibition on Thursday 8th November. 

The visit will include transport by coach, a lecture, lunch and tickets to the exhibition.

'One of the last Pre-Raphaelites, Edward Burne-Jones brought imaginary worlds to life in awe-inspiring paintings, stained glass windows and tapestries.This exhibition - his first solo show at Tate since 1933 - charts Burne-Jones's rise from an outsider with little formal art training to one of the most influential British artists of the late 19th century. With over 150 objects, it will bring together major works from across his career for the first time in generations.'

Tickets will be on sale at the September and October meeting and will cost: 
£56.00 Art Society member
£49.10 Art Society member with Art Fund
£40.60 Art Society member with Tate membership

Any enquiries, please contact the visits secretary - Jane Coulson 01256 850 497

Image above: 'Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt Sidonia von Bork 1560 1860 Tate Bequeathed by W Graham Robertson 1948'