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24 April 2019Fishbourne Roman Palace and Pallant House Gallery Chichester
13 May 2019Art Treasures of Northern Italy. ALL SOLD
05 June 2019Parham House
10 September 2019Visit to Northumberland, Tuesday 10 - Saturday14 September 2019

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Fishbourne Roman Palace and Pallant House Gallery Chichester
Wednesday 24 April 2019

Visit: Fishbourne Roman Palace, the largest residential Roman building discovered in Britain. Built as early as 75AD, only thirty years after the Roman invasion, it has many wonderful mosaic floors. Much of the palace has been excavated and preserved and there is an on-site museum and outside formal gardens. Click here to see more.


Then visit Pallant House Gallery in Chichester where a number of important collections are held including Dean Walter Hussey' collection of works by Henry Moore, John Piper, Ceri Richards, Graham Sutherland among many other works and collections. Click here to see.

The cost is £45, tickets will be sold at the February and March lectures. Please note that this visit is limited to 35 people.


Photograph by Sally Payne, displayed under creative commons licence.